Possibly, if they were sufficiently hungry. A dog’s owner has been discovered after his or her death in numerous reported occasions. It’s a reality. In most cases, the dog will lick the owner’s face and fingers in an attempt to elicit a response before growing increasingly agitated as it realizes there is a problem. When blood is tasted, a feeding response is triggered.


In our absence, there is only a massive mountain of meat to show for it. Our feelings and cultural biases are the driving force behind our respect for the dead and the ritualized burial of the body. If an animal hasn’t been eaten before it dies, its remains return to the ground. Animals found in such circumstances are not held responsible for the behavior of their owners. They’re just trying to get by. It’s hoped that they’ll find a new home where they can be cared for.

Is that true?

As long as they’re hungry enough, dogs will gobble down other dogs. Keep in mind that a Wolf’s genome is nearly identical to that of a Bulldog, a Pug, a Chihuaha, or even a Pomerania. Whelplings will murder puppies of other females in order to show the mother that she must mate with the stronger male in order to have a litter. Lions and dolphins do the same thing. As bizarre as that may seem.
When it comes to loyalty, dogs are unmatched. Then again, they are still creatures. This means that humans will eat each other if they are hungry enough to do so. It’s done. Aside from being unsightly, it’s a fact of life.