In a groundbreaking victory, Hurricane, the adorable dog, and his owner Adrian Stoica triumphed on America’s Got Talent, claiming the top prize of one million dollars. This victory marks the first time a dog has won the competition since 2012, making Hurricane a historic winner.

Their performance left the audience in awe and captured the hearts of millions of viewers. Facing tough competition in the final showdown from the magician Anni DeGuzman and the Murmuration dance group, Hurricane and Adrian’s act stood out as truly exceptional.

The performance began with a black and white film where Stoica interacted with Hurricane, set to the infectious hit “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by Queen. The dynamic duo showcased a series of tricks that impressed both the judges and the audience. The act was so charming that actress Sofia Vergara even joined them on stage, with Hurricane patiently holding a cane as Adrian assisted Sofia.

The production was designed to resemble a movie scene, with Hurricane moving back and forth and sitting in the director’s booth behind the camera. The judges couldn’t contain their amazement, and the performance earned a standing ovation.

Heidi Klum praised Hurricane, calling him “wonderful” and “the smartest dog” she has ever seen. Howie Mandel expressed his delight, stating that he had never seen anything like it. Even the notoriously critical Simon Cowell was all smiles, declaring Hurricane a star and suggesting he should be in a movie or a musical.

Throughout the season, Hurricane and Adrian built a legion of fans, and their victory on America’s Got Talent is sure to propel them to even greater heights. With such widespread acclaim, Hurricane’s future may include movie deals and a bright career ahead.