Every year, we receive too many distressing reports of pets left in hot cars, putting them at risk of heat stroke and even death. Dogs, in particular, are highly susceptible to the dangers of confined spaces in high temperatures. One of the most shocking incidents was the discovery of a husky with her lips taped shut in a scorching car outside a Las Vegas casino last summer.

Despite the horrors of the situation, this resilient husky managed to survive and is now thriving in her new life. On July 20, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department received a report of a 3-month-old husky puppy locked inside an SUV at the Bellagio casino parking lot. The temperature had soared to 113 degrees, and the pup’s mouth was taped shut.

The husky had endured two hours without air conditioning, food, or water while her owner was inside playing video games. Bodycam footage showed the police successfully rescuing the dog from the car’s sunroof, finding her unable to breathe and salivating. The owner, Raul Carbajal, 50, was taken into custody for willful and severe animal abuse.

Despite the traumatic circumstances, the husky, now named Duchess, saw a rapid improvement in her life. The Animal Foundation in Las Vegas reported that Duchess was adopted just weeks after her rescue. In a recent update, they shared that she now lives with a loving family who adores her.

Duchess is thriving in her new environment, enjoying the company of her new family, sneaking into the children’s beds, and bonding with her fur siblings. Her current family stands in stark contrast to her previous owner, offering her the care and love she deserves.

Duchess has embarked on a journey from an environment of neglect to a life of joy and adventure. She has traveled across the country, making stops in Arizona, California, and Nevada. Freed from the scorching hot car, Duchess revels in the cold and never misses an opportunity to play in the snow.

The Animal Foundation expressed their joy for Duchess, emphasizing how well things have worked out for her in her new, ideal home. Duchess, once rescued from a difficult situation, is now living the good life, surrounded by love and care.

This heartwarming transformation highlights the resilience of animals and the positive impact that a caring and compassionate new home can have. Duchess is a symbol of hope and a reminder of the importance of standing against animal cruelty and neglect.