Thursday, September 28, 2023

Vitamin for fattening dogs: how to fatten a malnourished dog?

Malnutrition is the deficiency of nutrients in the body, caused by a poor diet or poor absorption by the body due to diseases or...

Canine Giardia: how is the dog infected?

Canine giardia is one of the main intestinal diseases that affect dogs. It is that disease that can be simple to treat or even...

Should I shave my dog ​​in the summer?

The period of heat has arrived and the question also arrives: should I shave my dog ​​in the summer ? Although it seems obvious, the answer...

Dog paw: How to care and what you need to know?

There's nothing more passionate than a dog's paw , right? The shape and soft pads make the paw very cute, but did you know that it...
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