Introducing Moroch, the fearless canine hero who confronted a puma to rescue two young girls. This remarkable dog’s daring act captured the hearts of millions as he valiantly fought a cougar to protect innocent children.

It all began when Ulises (Dr. Nores Martines’ grandson), accompanied by his ten-year-old daughter Sofa, embarked on a routine trip to La Cocha for some errands. Little did they know that their day would take a dramatic turn.

Upon reaching the estancia, workers, led by foreman “Tomás,” commenced their tasks. Meanwhile, Tomás’ daughter, Sofa, and her friend Yoli sought permission to explore a massive fig tree, just 700 yards away, for a delightful fig harvest.

Unbeknownst to them, Morocho, one of Ulises’ loyal dogs, playfully followed along. As Yoli ascended the tree, excitement turned to terror when she realized she wasn’t alone. A hidden mountain lion, or puma, leaped down from the top branches, causing chaos.

The puma struck Yoli with a powerful paw, sending her plummeting to the ground from a height of two meters. That’s when Morocho’s loyalty and bravery took center stage.

Upon hearing the girls’ screams, Yoli’s father rushed to the scene, discovering Morocho facing off with the puma. Despite sustaining severe injuries, Morocho’s determination prevailed, and the puma retreated.

Tomas Bracamonte, recalling the intense moment, expressed, “I thought it was a snake. I arrived rushing. I got there as quickly as I could. He discovered Morocho when he got there. Despite suffering horrific wounds, the dog was still alive. Puma ran away from us.”

Thanks to Morocho’s selfless act, the two little girls emerged unharmed, and the world witnessed an extraordinary display of canine courage. Morocho’s story continues to inspire awe, reminding us of the incredible bond between humans and their loyal companions.