Two puppy sisters were struggling to survive after they were attacked by an unnamed wild animal in a village in India.

The two pups had tried to defend themselves and survived the attack, but they were left with deep puncture wounds from the bite of the animal – likely a big cat.

In India, wildlife sanctuaries are usually encircled by villages and wild animals will sometimes venture outside of park boundaries in search of food. Animals like leopards, tigers and jaguars hunt livestock, or in the case of these poor puppies, dogs.

When Animal Aid Unlimited was notified about Charlotte and Lucy, a family had tried to help them by applying cream – that’s the yellow ointment you will see on the pups when rescuers arrive.

Charlotte was too injured to move and Lucy’s neck was injured and swollen.

The puppies needed medical intervention to help them fight the infections coursing through their small bodies.

They were taken back to Animal Aid’s shelter where they were both treated and bandaged up. Charlotte whimpered when on the table, but she is in loving hands.


A few weeks later and the two puppies were as good as new!

They bounce and play and are full of renewed energy – a far cry from their listless bodies at the beginning of the video when they are first rescued.

Watch their amazing recoveries in the video below.