They need your help!

Santa Rosa County Animal Services was at max capacity when they received a call for help, but that didn’t stop them from taking in over 70 dogs from an overwhelmed citizen.

Low adoption rates and a continual flow of intakes and strays has the no-kill shelter operating at full capacity. However, they are “thankful” they were called in to help and are determined to find the perfect home for each dog.

Rescuing animals is a team effort and they now need the help of the community and other rescues.

The large intake from a home in Gulf Breeze took place over the weekend and with no open kennels at the shelter they needed to find a place to house the dogs. Thankfully, the Santa Rosa County Fair Association opened their Exhibit Hall at the Agriplex to be used as a staging area.

The shelter posted, “The work of an animal shelter never stops and we are determined to provide the best possible care and best possible chance of adoption for every animal that enters our care.”

Staff and volunteers set up kennels and runs for the dogs and spent the past few days examining and evaluating the them so they could be put up for adoption.

The dogs are decompressing by spending time in a run and going on walks before heading into a kennel. Footage shared by the shelter shows the rescue pups wagging their tails and happily chewing on treats. They are receiving all the medical care, food, and love they need.

On Wednesday, February 23, the shelter is opening the Agriplex to adopters and fosters to come meet the dogs. From 11am-3pm people can come out and with the help of a shelter worker find the perfect dog to take home.

“Dogs that are already altered may be adopted but unaltered dogs will need to be fostered until ready for adoption,” wrote the shelter.

They are working with other shelters and rescues in the U.S. to take in some of the dogs so they all can find loving homes.


Some of the dogs coming into our care from a large case. They start out in a dog run to help with decompression then move to a kennel. They’ll receive love, food, water and walks while in our care. #rescueday

If you are unable to adopt or foster but would still like to help you can donate items from the shelter’s Amazon Wish List.

The shelter is grateful for everyone who has stepped up to help and said, “It takes a village and we can’t thank the community, volunteers and our partners enough for helping us with this tremendous undertaking!”