In the words of dog-mom Lindsay Riccardo, her pets “are like my children.” Riccardo said this in reference to her beloved golden retrievers, Annabelle and Marley.

This is a sentiment many pet owners can see eye-to-eye with; often, we view our dogs as our best friends — and with good reason! They are consummate companions, loyal to the end.

But Riccardo nearly lost one of her “children” when her neighbor allegedly put her golden retriever up for adoption, against her will.

Riccardo, who lives in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, had to undergo surgery last November, 2016. She didn’t have anyone who could watch her two-year-old golden, Annabelle, until her neighbor, Charles Fulton, graciously offered to take care of the pup.

“I gave him money. I gave him her vet in case anything happened, and that was the last time I ever saw her,” Riccardo said.

After her surgery, the nightmare began.

According to Riccardo, Fulton allegedly took Annabelle to the SPCA, claiming she was a stray. In fact, he had allegedly gotten angry with Annabelle, after she supposedly knocked his television over, and decided to get rid of her.

Riccardo called the authorities on Fulton and set out to find Annabelle.

It was after calling multiple shelters in the area that she learned the truth: Annabelle had been legally adopted by another family.

Nevertheless, Riccardo wasn’t done trying to get her baby back.

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