Landis never thought he’d have a life outside of his tiny cage, but now everything’s changed…wait until you see him today!

This dog was called Gargoyle because his body is deformed from being forced to grow up in a cage that was too small for him. But he’s now got a second chance and a new name – Landis.

The young Pit bull was rescued by Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs after they received a plea from a shelter.

“Heartbreaking” doesn’t seem an adequate word to describe what happened to Landis. The rescue group saved him in mid-December, 2014 and wrote on their Facebook page about how they reacted upon first taking him:

“With all the horror stories we have seen and shared this year, words like “heartbreaking” don’t seem to mean much anymore. It’s really sad, as we shouldn’t have to use them so often.

“That said, there really is no better word to describe “Gargoyle” who we received a plea on from a GA shelter last night. This sweetheart of a boy is said to be 1-2 years old and as you can see, he is dwarfed. He is emaciated, his legs are basically, folded in half and his spine is curved. To look at him, you would guess he’d been forced to grow up in & live in a small cage. Well, guess what, you’d be right!! Where do these monsters come from that walk among us?!

“After feeling heartbroken, the next normal response is anger. How could anyone do this, how could this possibly have been allowed to happen?! And, it makes one feel even worse because this boy is a complete mush. You’d think he’d be angry and frustrated and difficult, but he’s not. Like most abused dogs we meet, he just wants to give and receive love.

“Sadly, we cannot spare him the pain he’s already lived, but we can get him the medical attention he urgently needs and help him have the best future possible!”

Landis will have a long recovery ahead, but he is surrounded by love and care. He visited an orthopedic specialist who noted that Landis’ legs have improved already from the time he was rescued and the doctor believes his legs will continue to improve.

The  specialist’s recommendation was to not proceed with surgery at this time because the surgery is very painful, and Landis is regaining muscle tone in his legs on his own.

“His legs will never be perfect, but Landis is happy and not in pain and that is what is most important,” wrote Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs.

Instead, Landis needs a home where he will not be forced to walk on concrete or hard surfaces, which has a backyard with lots of soft grass. And Landis has found that perfect home!

Landis has been adopted and his new home sounds ideal. Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs  let everyone know, “He is going to Mass, near Cape Cod. He is minutes from the beach (sand will be great for his legs), has a large fenced in back yard & will immediately start hydrotherapy 5 minutes from his new home! He will have 2 rescue siblings and a new mom who is home to tend to his needs.”

“I have made great progress today. I’m getting the hang of potty training in just one day and I love to sit in my Mom’s lap and chew on my toys. I’m even learning how to play ball!”

A pitbull locked in a tiny cage has warped ... what happens next is extraordinary

After 3 months with his new family, Landis is walking “all the way up” on his paws and his limbs are getting stronger every day.

He’s made remarkable progress and looks so good now!

I’m so happy for Landis! Thank goodness there are kind-hearted, compassionate people in the world to help save dogs like Landis from such terrible abuse!

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