The Stray Rescue of St. Louis, the worried eyes of an exhausted dog rescued by the organization on Thanksgiving broke the hearts of anyone who saw her photos. An honest Samaritan woman was entering the park near her house every day when she found a starving dog too weak to stand at all.

A kind woman carried the dog home and called Stray Rescue of St. Louis seeking help. The volunteers responded immediately.

“This poor angel needs your prayers; we named her Hadley! She’s too weak to face and has nearly starved to death. Hopefully we got her in time to show this around,”– the nonprofit organization posted on its Facebook page with shocking photos of a starving dog helplessly looking up at her rescuers.

It’s just exhausting for her to lift her head, and Hadley feeds very slowly with very small amounts of food – which can continue for the next few weeks.

“Sweet Hadley, we are so pitying the hell you’ve lived through. Your worried eyes tell us everything”