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All about Papillon


Papillon: the Continental Dwarf Spaniel

The Papillon dog is undoubtedly very charming! The breed has many characteristics that dog lovers love, such as being affectionate, protective, cheerful and intelligent. All this in a puppy of an average height of 28 cm of pure cuteness and beauty. 

Speaking of beauty, her name is also very beautiful as it means butterfly in French . The reason you can find out if you pay attention to the Papillon dog’s ears, which have long strands that form the shape of a butterfly. Very cool, isn’t it?

  • Origin: France and Belgium
  • Weight: between 2kg and 5kg
  • Height: 28cm
  • Life expectancy: between 12 and 16 years
The Papillon dog breed emerged in Europe , with the aim of being a companion dog, as it is until today. The pet is a descendant of the European Toy Spaniel , and became very famous for appearing in several paintings of the nobility of the Renaissance era. As it has appeared in several works from different European countries, there is no consensus on the exact country of origin of Papillon. 

In the painting called “Venus de Urbino”, by painter Ticiano Vecellio, dating from 1538, it is already possible to notice the presence of the dog Papillon. After that, the race gained more space in the works of several artists. The breed was a favorite among the nobles.

The Papillon dog , like its noble families throughout history, is full of elegance, nobility and delicacy. It is a very small dog, perfect for those who like to travel with a pet. In addition to the small size, the breed usually does not exceed 5 kg.

Papillon breed coat and colors

The breed has a long coat and no undercoat. The brushing process is easy , without the need for daily brushing. Among the color variations, all Papillons have a white background with markings of different colors.

Papillon Temperament

The Papillon puppy is very cheerful, outgoing, playful and obedient. Another characteristic is that the Papillon breed is one of the smartest among the puppies. The pet is a great lap companion. The Papillon dog breed loves to be with its family , so it is not recommended to leave the pet alone for long periods.

Papillon with children, strangers and other animals

The Papillon is a very good pet with other animals and children. It is necessary to be careful with animals larger than the Papillon, so that they do not hurt them, the same goes for babies who are going to play with the breed. With strangers the dog is also usually quite friendly .

Does Papillon bark a lot?

The Papillon dog does not bark much, but it depends. The breed is always on alert , that is, the pet will only bark when necessary, in situations where he wants to warn about something. 

Is Papillon destructive?

These puppies are not usually destructive, and they are quite obedient to learn how things work. However, as we told you before, they really like their family around them, so leaving them alone for a long time can lead the Papillon puppy to have destructive behavior . 

Is Papillon fussy?

The Papillon dog is restless, so a  daily walk with the pet is recommended. In addition, exercises and games at home can also help this little one spend energy.

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The Papillon dog is very active, so it will not be rare for you to find the little dog venturing into tall or medium furniture . Therefore, be careful with the places that the papillon will play. 

Another point that we must be careful with this breed is with anesthesia. The Papillon dog breed is sensitive to anesthesia. 

The coat of the Papillon dog is easy to care for , as it does not have a strong odor, does not shed a lot of hair and does not create knots. Brushing once or twice a week is enough, and you can bathe only when necessary.


Top Papillon health care

One of the main problems that can occur, mainly because Papillon is a small dog, is patella dislocation, which is the displacement of a knee bone.

Some Papillons can be sensitive to blows if they are born with an open fontanelle , which is a weak spot on the top of the head that doesn’t close fully. An accidental hit at that point could kill Papillon.

Papillons can also be prone to have Progressive Retinal Atrophy , which is when the photoreceptors (neurons responsible for image formation by capturing light and transmitting information to the brain) progressively degenerate, leading to blindness . The disease is hereditary.

The Papillon dog breed has a very high average life expectancy, above average, so maintaining good dog health habits and taking it regularly for consultations with the veterinarian will make it have a long life.

Papillon exercise level

Papillons have a considerable energy level, so it’s good to get them to exercise for 20 to 30 minutes a day. It is a breed that loves to run and jump , so think about activities that involve these exercises. 

Expanding mental energy is also important, so teaching the Papillon dog various tricks is interesting, and he will love being able to use his intelligence and obedience.

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