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What Are These Compartments For On This Bottle Opener?


What Are These Compartments For On This Bottle Opener?

source: Reddit

Bottle Opener And Reusable Caps For Soda Pop Bottles.

Way back in the day, soda pop came in glass bottles with crimped on metal lids. Some were quite large, and in order to preserve the freshness for later, there were press on reusable caps.
The late 19th and early 20th centuries marked the golden age of soda pop in America. This newfound popularity led to a surge in the production of bottle openers designed specifically for carbonated beverages. The idea behind these caps was to preserve the carbonation of the soda and prevent it from going flat. These reusable caps were often adorned with logos and designs from popular soda brands, adding to their collectible appeal. These openers often featured an integrated cap catcher, ensuring that the cap didn’t end up on the floor or get lost.

source: Reddit



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