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How To Find Treasure At Your Local Thrift Shop: A Beginner’s Guide!


Thanks to recent news stories and pop culture references, thrift shops have never been more popular; and rightfully so! With a little luck and some know-how, people are finding treasure all over the place! If you’re looking to get into thrift hunting, but aren’t quite sure where to start, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here are some great tips to consider before you set out on the hunt for treasure:

  • Don’t give up on an item that might only need a little TLC; look for an item’s potential.
  • Find out when your local store gets new inventory, or holds big sales.
  • Don’t be afraid to venture out: sometimes, thrift shops in the nicer part of town will have nicer things!
  • If you want to resell something, do some research to see how much similar items go for online, to get an idea of how much you’re comfortable investing.
  • Check for brand names and marks on every item, and do a quick Google search.
  • Don’t be afraid to dive into piles and look around! You might have to do a little digging.
  • Shop with the seasons; think of the times when you’re looking to downsize. Chances are, you’re not the only one looking to get rid of things!

If you’re serious about finding treasure on your next shopping adventure, here are some great tools of the trade to consider bringing:

  • Smartphone/tablet with internet access.
  • Small tool set.
  • Magnifying glass.
  • A Magnet.
  • Measuring Tape.
  • A flashlight.

So what are you waiting for?!? Get out there and find something you love. Happy hunting!



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