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I Wish I Had These Charming Old Books In My Collection!


What is it about old books that so many of us are attracted to? Could it be the wonderful illustrations that you just don’t see now-a-days? Perhaps it’s the smell of an old book that wafts into our nose when we flip through the pages. Whatever it is, one thing’s for sure: these books are like a slice of history that we get to experience every time we read one! In the following clip Rebecca Romney of Bauman Rare Books (who you might recognize from Pawn Stars) discusses collecting antique books. And after the clip, be sure to scroll down and see some of our favorite, user-submitted books!

Check out the following vintage/antique books submitted to us by our users, and let us know: if you could own the first edition of any book, what would it be?

from: Mary Protsman Davis: “I was going through my basket of old books, and here it was”
from: John Reimer: “Inside of it says, Copyright 1908, by The Reilly & Britton co. Came with a box of a bunch of old books that got given to me a few years ago. It’s in great shape besides the ink on the cover. I need your feedback on it plz.”
from: Kimberly Lynn Miller: “I love this old book, a little tough to read. Everything is written in the exactly as it was spoken.”
from: Debbie Cudd: “I just love reading the 1901 book of Etiquette bu Prof. Charles Morris, LL.D.”
from: Gail Hadley: “Found this book on a free table I love it, but it has no date etc inside. I looked it up I believe it was written in 1909 but it doesn’t say inside.”
from: Debbie Cudd: “I just love the looks of vintage books!”
from: LucyMichelle Weston: “These Peanuts books are at least 40 years old, maybe a little more. I used to buy them from the bookmobile at school or from the neighborhood 5 and dime…they only cost a dollar or two if I remember correctly…”
from: Kay Burford: “The best two cookery books i’ve ever owned..”
from: Joyce Becker: “Two favorite antique book are a Bunny Brown book read by my Grandmother as bedtime stories (I am 72). c. 1916. Also, Prudence has been great in our guest room (yes, we lived in a church parsonage). c. 1915”
from: Terry Morgan Morrison: “Some of my old children’s books.”
from: Terry Morgan Morrison: “These are a few of older Little Golden Books from my collection.”
from: Terry Morgan Morrison: “1937 book of some interesting household tips. A tip for the “sick room”, Sweet peas in the sick room are effective in keeping out bothersome flies. Another interesting one, Dried potato peelings should be saved as handy kindling “wood” for the stove.”



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