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A Signal System With Her Grandmother Caused One Of Carol Burnett’s Earlobes To Be Longer Than The Other


A Signal System With Her Grandmother Caused One Of Carol Burnett’s Earlobes To Be Longer Than The Other

source: The Carol Burnett Show Official/YouTube

Throughout television history, certain gestures and moments have become iconic, forever etched in the hearts of viewers. One such gesture is the Carol Burnett ear tug, a subtle yet powerful message from the legendary comedian to someone dear to her. Behind this seemingly simple act lies a heartwarming story that adds an extra layer of meaning to the iconic symbol of connection and love.

During the 11-year run of “The Carol Burnett Show” (1967-1978), viewers eagerly anticipated the closing moments of each episode. As the closing theme played, Carol Burnett would end the show by tugging on her earlobe. This seemingly innocuous act held a profound significance known to only a select few.

source: Alamy

The origin of the Carol Burnett ear tug can be traced back to her childhood. As a young girl, Carol’s grandmother played a significant role in her life. Due to her grandmother’s impaired hearing, Carol developed a unique signal to let her know that everything was okay. She would tug on her earlobe to send a silent message of love, reassurance, and support.

When Carol Burnett began her own show, she wanted to carry forward the connection she shared with her grandmother. The ear tug became a way for her to send a heartfelt message to her grandmother, who would be watching the show at home. By incorporating this secret signal into her television persona, Carol Burnett ensured that her beloved grandmother would always feel connected to her, even from a distance.

source: Alamy

The Carol Burnett ear tug stands as a symbol of love, connection, and the power of a shared secret between family members. Through this simple gesture, Carol Burnett not only paid tribute to her beloved grandmother but also created a lasting legacy of warmth and authenticity. As viewers witnessed the ear tug, they unknowingly became part of this touching message, reminding us all of the power of love and the importance of cherished relationships, both on and off the screen.




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