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Long-Lost Candy Gems: You Won’t Believe These Childhood Favorites Still Exist!


Long-Lost Candy Gems: You Won’t Believe These Childhood Favorites Still Exist!

As a child, there was nothing more delightful than saving up a few pennies and hurrying down to the nearby store to indulge in some candy. The thought of all those delectable choices brings back cherished memories, prompting us to revisit some of the candies from our childhood that we had completely forgotten about.

While many of these delightful treats are no longer available in stores, some are still being produced. To satisfy that sweet craving or relive nostalgic moments with a loved one, we conducted some research and compiled a list of our favorite candies along with the information on how to order them. Just click on the name or image of the candy to find out how to get them!

Turkish Taffy

Who could ever forget the joy of Turkish Taffy? Bite-sized pieces of banana and chocolate flavors are available in one-pound bags, perfect for sharing. Click here to get it!

Ice Cubes

Despite sometimes leaving our hands sticky, these melty cubes were one of our favorites back then. They’re available for purchase here.

Mary Janes

These taffy-like candies with a delightful peanut butter flavor were beloved by many kids. You can buy them by the bag by clicking here.

Reed’s Butterscotch

Savor the authentic butterscotch flavor with Reed’s famous hard candy, a treat that has been around since 1893! Get a pack of three by clicking here.

Wax Lips

Not only were wax lips fun to eat, but they were also entertaining to play with! Relive those enjoyable moments by shopping for them here.

Candy Buttons

Remember the excitement of buying candy buttons that seemed to last forever? They’re perfect for sharing, and you can find them for purchase here.

Root Beer Barrels

Pop one of these in your mouth, and you’ll instantly be transported to an old-fashioned soda fountain. Relive those memories by clicking here.

Ribbon Candy

Often displayed in bowls during the holidays, these candies are delicious year-round. Buy this nostalgic favorite by clicking here.

Sugar Daddy

Indulge in the deliciousness of Sugar Daddies, candies that lasted seemingly forever! You can find these tasty treats for sale here.

Candy Cigarettes

While not as common nowadays, these candy cigarettes used to make us feel cool and mature. You can still find them for purchase by clicking here.

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