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Journey Through Time: Exploring the Enigma of Our Old House’s Mystery Door!


Journey Through Time: Exploring the Enigma of Our Old House’s Mystery Door!

Source: The Hypertufa Gardener

Upon moving into our recently acquired home, which was constructed in the 1960s, we stumbled upon a peculiar small metal door in the brick wall near the back entrance. Despite the absence of any discernible markings or emblems, my internet research led me to believe it might be an old Milk Door.

In my childhood, milk was delivered to our suburban residence by a uniformed delivery man named Bud, who brought glass bottles every few days. I vaguely recall placing the empty bottles in a box on our front porch for collection and refilling. My mother, now deceased, could have shared more details about The Milkman.

Considering our family’s frugality, I presume milk delivery was likely complimentary back then, possibly as a perk for purchasing the milk. Andes Dairy in Fairborn, Ohio, was a prominent milk producer during that era, though I cannot confirm if it was our supplier.

Source: The Hypertufa Gardener

The necessity for milk delivery in those days, given our one-car family and stay-at-home mom, seems logical. It wasn’t until we became teenagers that the idea of acquiring an extra car crossed my father’s mind.

Reflecting on this, I ponder whether old Milk Box units could be repurposed for modern needs, such as secure Amazon package delivery. With the increasing thefts of Amazon deliveries, integrating a secure package box into house designs might be a practical solution. However, precautions would be necessary to prevent unauthorized access, considering the size of the opening.

Source: The Hypertufa Gardener

Despite the nostalgia for the past, I’ve taken measures to secure my Milk Door opening, placing a heavy garden table with slate tiles in front to deter any unwanted intrusions. As I share memories of the bygone era, I can’t help but think about the apple tree in our driveway and my childhood fear of tractors’ distinct chug-chug sound.

Concluding my reminiscence, I still have tasks to complete outdoors and plan to create a video showcasing my little Milk Door. I’m curious to hear from others who may have had or currently have a Milk Door and how they utilize it.

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