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Grandma’s Rules Of Hanging Out The Laundry


Grandma’s Rules Of Hanging Out The Laundry


In the days before dryers became a common household appliance, hanging out the laundry to dry was a common task for many people. Grandmothers all over the world were masters of this art, and they had a set of rules that they followed religiously to ensure that their laundry was clean, fresh-smelling, and neatly arranged on the line.

Although dryers have now become a common appliance in most households, there are still many people who prefer to hang their clothes out to dry, either to save energy or because they enjoy the process. If you are one of these people, here are some of grandma’s rules for hanging out the laundry that you should keep in mind.

1. Sort your laundry

Before you even start to hang out the laundry, make sure that you have sorted it properly. Whites, light colours, and dark colours should be kept separate to avoid bleeding and colour transfer. Delicate items should also be separated and hung on a gentle cycle.

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2. Place clothespins in the right spot

Place the clothespins on the seams or edges of the garment to prevent the fabric from stretching or becoming misshapen. Avoid placing clothespins in the middle of the garment, as this can leave marks or cause the fabric to sag.

  • Use enough clothespins

Use enough clothespins to keep the clothes from falling off the line, but don’t use too many that it leaves marks on the fabric.

  • Don’t leave clothespins on too long

Remove the clothespins as soon as the clothes are dry to prevent them from leaving marks on the fabric or causing it to become stiff.

By following these rules for using clothespins, you can ensure that your clothes are properly secured on the line and don’t become damaged or misshapen during the drying

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3. Shake the clothes out

Before you hang the clothes on the line, give them a good shake to remove any wrinkles and help them dry faster.

4. Hang clothes neatly

Hang each piece of clothing neatly on the line, making sure that the seams are straight and the sleeves are not bunched up. This will not only help the clothes dry faster but also make them look neat and tidy when they are dry.

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5. Hang clothes inside out

To prevent fading and sun damage, hang clothes inside out. This will also prevent clothespins from leaving marks on the fabric.

6. Hang clothes in the right order

Hang clothes in the order in which they will dry, starting with heavy items like towels and jeans and ending with lighter items like t-shirts and socks. This will help to prevent the clothes from becoming lopsided and ensure that they dry evenly.

Source: Wisconsin Historical Society / Allan Born Photographs

7. Bring the clothes in before dark

Grandma always made sure to bring the clothes in before dark to prevent them from becoming damp and musty overnight. If you can’t bring them in before dark, leave them out overnight only if the weather is dry and warm.

Source: National Library Of Medicine
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