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Discover The Strangest Historical Inventions You Won’t Believe Were Real!


Discover The Strangest Historical Inventions You Won’t Believe Were Real!

Source: Wikimedia

Here are five historical inventions that may be difficult to believe actually existed:

Cholera Belt

Source: Wikimedia

In the past, before the understanding of cholera as a waterborne disease, people believed that chills were the cause. To prevent chills, British soldiers traveling to India wore belts made of knit wool or flannel. This practice continued until the 20th century, despite the actual cause of the disease being discovered.

Coin Cleaning Machine

Source: Flickr

In the 1930s, the Westin St. Frances Hotel in San Francisco believed that cleaning money was necessary to keep ladies’ gloves clean. They implemented a coin cleaning machine and continued the practice even after gloves went out of fashion.


Source: Wikimedia

Mortsafes, iron gates with deep-set spokes or a combination of stone and metal, were created to deter grave robbers known as “resurrection men.” These individuals would exhume recently deceased bodies and sell them for medical research, as there were no provisions for body donation to science at that time. The Anatomy Act, passed in Britain in 1832, made corpse theft illegal and enabled bodies to be donated for scientific purposes. However, due to the expense involved, only the wealthiest families could afford the added protection of mortsafes.

Hat to Prevent Drowning

Source: Flickr

In 1840, Samuel W. White patented a hat designed to prevent drowning, featuring an inflatable insert. However, the design overlooked the crucial element of a strap to keep the hat secured, which meant it would simply float away if submerged.

Flying Saucer Camera

Source: Flickr

The Videon stereoscopic camera, created in the 1950s, was designed for the Air Force to capture images of supposed flying saucers. It took two images simultaneously, one like a regular camera and the other showing the various colors of the scene. Some individuals even attempted to build their own versions.

These inventions may not be widely known due to their oddity or lack of practicality, but they provide intriguing insights into the technological beliefs of the past.

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