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CorningWare Casserole Dishes: The Unanticipated Rise Of A Retro Collectible Trend


CorningWare Casserole Dishes: The Unanticipated Rise Of A Retro Collectible Trend

source: Wikimedia Commons / eBay

If you have fond memories of these delightful dishes, you’re not alone. CorningWare used to be a common sight in many households, and now it’s become a highly sought-after collectible in the world of kitchenware. Recently, vintage CorningWare has experienced a surge in popularity and value due to a wave of nostalgia for its whimsical designs that many of us remember from our childhood and beyond.

source: eBay

These opaque dishes with charming designs on the sides were originally produced in Corning, New York, during the 1950s. They were a true innovation for post-war homemakers, made from a special material called Pyroceram that could handle temperature changes while offering appealing aesthetics. This technology originated during World War II, and once the war ended, like many other inventions, it found its way into households across the country.

These fun dishes were designed to transition seamlessly from the oven to the dining table, and a wide range of accessory pieces like coffee pots, mugs, serving dishes, and more ensured that your entire dining setup could look festive and coordinated. By the 1960s, it seemed like nearly everyone owned at least one piece of CorningWare, if not multiple pieces!

source: Etsy

In the 1970s, the designs took on a life of their own with flower motifs, vegetable patterns, earthy tones, and animal themes, giving the line an overall rustic quality. There were even CorningWare piggy banks! With such a long history of success, it’s no wonder that these dishes evoke a sense of homey comfort and good old-fashioned home cooking for many people today.

source: eBay

The most valuable CorningWare designs today are the limited-edition pieces, such as the majestic Black Eagle and the minimalist Blue Wheat designs. Once very affordable, these unassuming casserole dishes can now fetch prices of up to $400, and some exceptional pieces have even sold for a staggering $7,000 in recent years!

source: eBay

Even the smoky brown glass Corning Visions line has been making a comeback, despite its very different ’80s style appeal. Additionally, the iconic Blue Cornflower design has been reintroduced in celebration of the brand’s 60th anniversary.

source: eBay

It’s worth noting that modern CorningWare pieces in classic patterns are still available brand new, and many can be purchased for less than $50. This is great news for those who may not want to participate in expensive bidding wars at the moment. Who could have predicted that these once-average cookware pieces would now be worth so much? It seems that what goes around comes around!

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