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8 Photos That Will Bring You Right Back To High School In The 1950s


8 Photos That Will Bring You Right Back To High School In The 1950s

source: Country Living/Getty Images

High school is a rite of passage for any generation – but boy, were things different in the 1950s. Not a cellphone, laptop, or crop top in sight! If you were a teenager in the 50s, these photos will bring about a wave of nostalgia. And if you weren’t, you’ll marvel at how different things were for teenagers back then!

1. Strict Dress Codes

source: Flickr/Steven Martin

If you look at photos of 1950s high school students, you will notice that everyone looks very well put together. This is partly due to strict dress codes, which instructed girls to wear either long skirts or dresses – no shorts or pants allowed!

2. Home Economics Classes

source: Huff Post via Mark Jay Goebel/Getty Images

In the 1950s, Home Economics was a class that taught girls to sew, cook, and bake, and taught boys how to use tools and build. Home Economics was a very important part of a school’s curriculum!

3. Football

source: The Dallas Morning News/Juan Garcia

While the protective gear was certainly not as protective as it is today, high school football was still big in the ’50s.

4. Cheerleading

source: Pacific Standard

The outfits were far more conservative (and warm), but cheerleading was also popular back in the day!

5. Boxing

source: Country Roads Magazine/Jason Christian

Though it’s mostly been replaced by the safer option of wrestling, high school boxing was huge in the 1940s and 1950s.

6. Dances

source: The Vintage Inn

High school dances (especially prom) were the place to be in the 1950s. Instead of electronic dance music and DJs, there were school bands and slow dances!

7. Bikes Galore

source: Reddit/u/ExpensiveCancel6

I don’t even know if present-day high schools have many bike racks. But in the 1950s, almost everyone either walked or biked to school!

8. The Library

source: Flickr/Jeff Miller

High school students of the ’50s spent a great deal of time in the library. Of course, the purpose of library time was to read and study, but I’m sure plenty of socializing went on as well!

It’s fascinating to look back at this selection of photos from high school in the 1950s and see how drastically things have changed. While I would not trade many things about society today to go back in time, there is something so nostalgic about these simpler, more genuine times.




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