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6 Formerly Popular Beer Brands That Have Gone Extinct


6 Formerly Popular Beer Brands That Have Gone Extinct

source: Winning Homebrew

Most beer drinkers have one or two favorites that they tend to stick with. Some people have drank the same beer for decades, and that familiar taste always brings about a wave of nostalgia. Unfortunately, some formerly popular beer brands have been discontinued, likely for good. Here are six beer brands that used to be extremely popular, and are now extinct.

1. Falstaff

source: Heritage Auctions

Depending on your age, you, your parents, or your grandparents may have enjoyed Falstaff beer. Launching in the mid-1800s, Falstaff was at one time one of the biggest beer brands in the United States. Unfortunately, the brand closed its doors in 2005.

2. Meister Brau

source: Untappd

Commonly referred to as “the budget beer,” Meister Brau was a cheap and popular beer throughout the early 20th century. Due to declining sales in the late ’90s and early 2000s, Miller bought the rights to the beer and phased it out by 2005.

3. Red White & Blue

source: Interior Elements

Red White & Blue was a popular American beer dating all the way back to pre-Prohibition days. The brand became extremely popular in the 1980s, largely fuelled by the economic recession. As the economy improved in subsequent years, the brand quietly faded into discontinuation.

4. Bud Dry

source: eBay

Part of the Budweiser family of beers, Bud Dry was first launched in America in April 1990. Despite a successful testing period, the beer didn’t end up being super popular and was officially discontinued in December 2010.

5. Pete’s Wicked Ale

source: Craft Jacks via Untappd

During the rise of craft beer in the 1990s, Pete’s Wicked Ale was at one time the second largest craft brewery in America. Sadly, the brewery and brand closed its doors in early 2011.

6. Midnight Sun M

source: Untappd

M Belgian-style barleywine was created by Midnight Sun Brewing Co. in celebration of the Alaska-based brewery’s 10th anniversary. It was last brewed in 2005, so if you happen to have a bottle laying around, it’s worth some big bucks!

Though there are many great beer companies out there, some of these ones from days gone by just instil a nostalgic feeling of the good old days. Cheers to that!




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