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5 Old Records That Are Worth Big Bucks Right Now


5 Old Records That Are Worth Big Bucks Right Now

I had a record player when I was younger, and I so regret giving it away all those years ago. There’s just something about that soulful, tinny sound you hear when you play records. Modern speakers and iPods just don’t compare! Anyways, if you have some old records stashed somewhere, you might want to dig them up. The following five records are selling for some pretty big price tags right now.

1. The Beatles: Yesterday And Today (1966)

source: Rolling Stone

John Lennon’s vision for their 1966 album cover involved wearing white butcher jackets and holding severed doll body parts. Unsurprisingly, the public didn’t take too kindly to the cover, and it was replaced after just one day. If you have a record with this original cover, it can be worth up to $8,000, and potentially even more if it’s in mint condition.

2. David Bowie: Diamond Dogs (1974)

source: Ultimate Classic Rock

David Bowie’s 1974 album featured his Ziggy Stardust character in half-human, half-dog form. However, the original album artwork also included an illustration of a dog’s genitals, which were quickly airbrushed out in all subsequent copies. If you have this original, it can be worth up to a few thousand dollars.

3. The Rolling Stones: Street Fighting Man/No Expectation (1968)

source: Genius

Astonishingly enough, less than 20 people in the entire world own a copy of this album (that’s the number of copies that were made). It was pulled from shelves shortly after being released because the album cover artwork depicted a photo of police brutality during a riot. If you’re one of the few people in the world who own a copy of this original album, you could stand to make a pretty penny.

4. S@x Pistols: “God Save The Queen” single (1977)

source: FeelNumb

In 1977, the Sex Pistols were fired from their record label at the time due to their unruly behavior. As a result, only about a dozen copies of their single “God Save The Queen” were handed out. Because these copies are so rare, some have sold for almost $30,000 a piece.

5. Elvis Presley: “Good Luck Charm” single (1962)

source: Wikipedia

If you own a copy of Elvis Presley’s “Good Luck Charm,” you could be set to make close to $25,000. Why? Because this single was one of the last monaural recordings sold before stereos and other devices started to become popular.




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