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You’ll Never Believe What This Man Found While Cleaning Out His Grandparents’ Attic!


Article Updated on May 4, 2016. Scroll down to see.

  • UPDATE: We’ve been following this story for awhile, and were happy to find out a little more info thanks to a reader. According to this article from the Tampa Bay Times, Lopez took the items to the Tampa Bay History Center for examination. The coins were corroded, which meant they’re not precious metals, and are most likely souvenirs from a Jose Gaspar parade. The map dates back to no earlier than the 1920s, since various local landmarks built around that time are depicted.

    As for the hand, Rodney Kite-Powell (curator of the Tampa Bay History Center) believes that it’s some sort of mummified hand, perhaps once belonging to a monkey. One of the fingers had a ring marked, “Gaspar.” We’ll be sure to update the story if any further news comes out, but the hand (along with the rest of the items) are currently not public.

    Original story

    This is the type of things you only see in movies. While cleaning out his grandparent’s attic, a man in Tampa, FLA, made a bizarre discovery; a box containing old coins, a map of some sort, and a skeleton’s hand with a ring on one of the fingers! While experts are skeptical about the authenticity of the coins (thought to be old Spanish coins) and the map (a treasure map, perhaps?), they’re still puzzled by the hand.



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