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We Grew Up On This Casserole And I Bet You Did Too!


It might be a Midwest thing, but tuna noodle casserole was a staple growing up — probably making an appearance weekly on the dinner table. Creamy soup, tuna, and noodles manage to make for a perfectly comforting combo, with some people opting to added peas for a bit of color and flavor.

And then, there’s the best part: the toppings. Our household was strictly about saltine crackers crumbled on the top, but tuna casseroles come sprinkled with everything from fried onions to potato chips to bread crumbs. Whatever you decide, the lightly browned and crispy finished product will add the perfect crunch and texture to the casserole.

To fill up the whole family, give this hearty casserole a try. The peas are optional, and you can definitely swap out the cracker topping if you’d prefer something else.



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