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Vintage Wedding Memories


It’s June, the month of weddings. Families who have vintage wedding photos are so fortunate. We love seeing them and hearing a bit about who is shown. We love seeing the fashions, the changing expressions. We all know that weddings sometimes took place in time of war, of economic hardship. But that all forms part of the story of who we are, now we bounce back, are resilient, how we keep on “keeping on” through good times and bad.

Here are just a few that have been shared with us recently by our readers. Thanks go to Donna, Jane, Sharron, Bernard and Meda for sharing these with us all.

from: Donna Smyle: “My mothers parents on their wedding day in 1926 they are on the right.Thomas Nolan and his bride Adaline Harterly Nolan they are just wonderful”

from: Jane Mansfield Dreyling: “My grandparents , Wm F Simpson and Bertha Jarboe Simpson on their wedding Day in 1914. Her brother Willie Jarboe and his sister Ida were their attendants.A very lovely photo for the times !”

from: Sharron Anz Doyle: “Wanted to share this beautiful old picture of my maternal Grandparents, Otto and Gertrude Heinsch. This is their wedding photo from the late 1920’s. Just love the fashions of that time!”

from: Bernard Waby: “A dour war Wedding my Mum and Dad in 1942”

We’d like to thank Bernard for sharing some of his wonderful, and dramatic, family photos with us all. This was a war wedding. We see the uniform. We also see some smiles and much strength.

from: Meda Branwell: “A photo from Meda”

We love how Meda has incorporated antique and vintage wedding photos, a wedding basket and cake toppers into this table top display. There are so many stories that can be told from them all!



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