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This French Toast And Cream Cheese Bake Is The Best Thing To Happen To Breakfast In A Long Time!


Breakfast is our favorite meal of the day, so it’s no wonder we like to try out different delicious recipes to start things out on a good, nay, great note. This recipe is seriously amazing. It’s on the indulgent side, so it’s not for the days when you’re trying to be good, but it’s the perfect treat to enjoy every once in a while and makes for super simple entertaining.

All right, so the crux of this dish is yummy maple cinnamon French toast, but the pièce de resistance is the gooey cream cheese pockets scattered throughout the casserole. This perfectly cuts the sweetness of the French toast and rounds out the flavor in the best way possible. Prep this dish the night before (you can let the cubed bread soak overnight, if you like) and your work in the morning is a breeze! Regardless of when you make it, do try it out because it will knock your socks off!



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