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Things that Take Us Back in Time


It’s always amazing when we see things that trigger memories that we thought were lost. Maybe it’s something we saw as a child, something a grandparent used or something that even was part of a story from generations before. Here are a few from our readers that we thought you might enjoy tonight.

Thanks go to Joanna, Lois, Joy, Steve and all our readers who have shared so many photos of antiques and vintage objects, and often the wonderful family memories that go with them.

from: Joanna Manning Braun: “Our 1934 Ford Dump Truck. Sat for 12 years – put some gas in it and it fired right up.”

from: Lois Poseno: “Also one showing a picture of my grandmother hanging just above her sewing machine. What sweet keepsakes. (The small photo is of my dad as a young boy.)”

from: Joy McBride Krutek: “My wonderful luggage cart once used by Coca Cola at the dock in Terre Haute, IN. Will be my new coffee table. Love!”

from: Steve Righi: “My 1925 RCA low boy radio(works)! 1920’s lamp and 1927 dancing Ladies speaker.”



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