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These Vintage Doll Houses Are Great, But The Memories That Go With Them Are Even Better!


We recently featured some vintage doll houses that were submitted by our users, and the response was so great that we had to share more! Each doll house featured on here is beautiful on its own, but we think the memories attached are what make these items priceless! Take a look, and as always, don’t forget to share your photos.

from: Karen Lowery: “And I still have the furniture. Grandkids have scattered some. Missing a bathtub and the playpen and baby at the moment”

from: Chris Rambo Freeman: “Around 1967….loved my doll house!”

from: Kelli Ward Hatfield: “Here’s the inside.”

from: Cindy Martin: “Here I am with mine, 3rd Birthday, 1947. I loved the appliances and furniture. Wish I still had it!!”

from: Shelley Lea Wheatman: “This was my moms when she was little. She was born in 1939. I have all the furniture also that came with it. It now sits in my dinning room.”

from: Jana Webster Clift: “Loved it.”

from: Deirdre Caudill: “Displayed prominently in my Great Room!”



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