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The Variety Of Display: March 13


Good Morning from Dusty Old Thing! It’s been a real joy to see all the recent photos of wonderful displays of antiques, and vintage items, that have been recently shared with our community of people who love antiques. This morning we’d like to show a few of them, highlighting how many options there are for displaying collections. We hope they give you some ideas about how you can show off that odd piece, or use even old kitchen shelving as a great backdrop.

Our Thanks go to Kandis, Stan, Barbara, Susan and everyone else who has shared photos of their antiques. We inspire each other.

from: Kandis Kuebler-DeNitto: “Very early 1900’s or late 100 ‘ bicycle with wooden wheels.”

We love seeing things displayed in unexpected ways!

from: Stan Carlson: “This is original dinnerware from the B&O RR. All of these pieces date from 1927 to 1935.”

We love railroad china and Stan has a wonderful collection. Sometimes we can enjoy pieces of china better if it’s just out on top of a buffet or other piece where it can be admired. This is a beautiful display. Each piece tells a railroad story.

from: Barbara Sorensen: “I love white and blue! Some is old English transferware, some Delft, some Nanking ware; I love it all!”

Classic antique blue and white china looks good almost any way it is displayed…which is one reason it was a favorite of the House Beautiful movement of the Aesthetic period. Barbara has used some vintage cabinetry to highlight hers, painting the shelving interiors blue and using wonderful vintage linens to help draw in the eye.

We ourselves once took off most all the kitchen cabinet doors in a 1940’s family home, painted the inside shelves a range of soothing colors and proudly used it for open storage and display. Yes, you do have to wash the items more often but the feel of openness and being able to see antique family dishes and glassware and even pots and pans made it all worth it. Just keep, of course, any doors that get removed in case a new resident likes a closed-in look.

from: Susan Hale: “A photo from Susan Hale”

Susan’s use of a vintage print above her antique dolls really unifies her display. Notice that the child’s doll in the print looks very much like one of Susan’s.



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