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The Stoves in Our Past: February 2nd


Hello again from Dusty Old Thing. Many of us are thinking about preparing a special dinner for tomorrow. It’s a good time to think back to what the stoves were like in years past. Here are a few that have been recently shared with us by our readers. They do include a delightful child’s stove. We hope you enjoy them…and thinking about the dishes that were prepared with them!

Thanks go to Vicki, Katie, Sandy and Denise for sharing them with us.

from: Denise Chavez: “A photo from Denise”

from: Sandy Hearn: “A photo from Sandy”

from: Katie Allen: “In my home for 15 years , in our family since it was new ..”

from: Wayne Vicki Howell: “1921 child’s electric stove my husband restored, it works great. He even found some old original electic cord. This stove had been very very rusty.”



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