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The Color in Antique Collections


Have you ever noticed how the color of antiques, when grouped as a collection, can really captivate? Sometimes its the patina, sometimes it’s the glaze or a fading or just weathering. Here are some examples that have recently been shared with us by our readers. We hope they give you some ideas on how to group similar antiques and vintage items…and enjoy the color as well as the history and stories that are part of them.

from Robyn Goldberg: “Some of my daguerreotypes.”

Daguerreotypes, or “dags” as they are often called, represent one of the earliest forms of photography. The process was introduced by the French Academy of Sciences in 1839 and continued in widespread use up to the early-1860’s. It is named for Louis Daguerre, a French artist and chemist who worked about 10 years in experimentation until, so the story goes, he accidentally spilled some mercury on one of his silver-coated plates, fixing the image.

Dags have an amazing allure to them. There are many, in shops and at sales, that have become separated from the families that should have treasured them. When we see them we have to wonder how they ended up lost. Collectors see their beauty, and that of the cases that hold them. Now, if we just knew the history of each one…

Thanks, Robyn, for sharing your collection with us. The antique dag cases with their wonderful embossing, brings color to the collector.

from: Clint N Tamara Rogers: “Just a few of our gas pumps”

There’s just something about the old gas pumps! They speak of adventure, of the freedom of the open road. They really are marvels!

from Bridget Borchert: “My collection of pin and pendant watches. Several different styles. The the crystal ball type is my fave. The two Lucerne watch pendants are from the 70’s. I purchased them new. The others are older. They all work and I wear a few of them often.”

Some of Bridget’s older watches would have been considered necessary accessories for teachers, nurses or others who needed to know the time but who couldn’t always be taking off a wristwatch. Many of us had grandmothers who would wear their watch pinned to a blouse or dress. We have to remember, too, that something purchased for a collection in 1970 will officially, in Dusty’s definition, be “vintage” in 6 years.

from Karla Spence. Karla has shared several photos of vintage lures, poles and reels. The color in them is…well…alluring. Fishing accessories are clearly fun to collect.

Thanks to everyone who has shared their love of all things antique and vintage!



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