Sunday, June 16, 2024

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Take A Trip Down Memory Lane With Our Favorite Items From Childhood!


We recently featured a post of items from our youth that might now be referred to as “vintage.” As a result, we received a ton of awesome photos of items that brought back great memories! So, we thought we’d share them. Take a look!

“If I could find another one, I would buy it!” – Dave

“Lived in them!” –Sandy

“My dolls” – Cathy

“My little riding horse on wheels – yep that’s me!” –Susan

“I rode the wheels off of it, my folks rebuilt it recently and gave it to my nieces son!!! My father was a JD dealer at the time way back when..” –Tim

“Go Joe!” –Dusty

“Mattel Bronco bike! 1960’s” –John

“Ziggy! He’s 54 this year and I still have him.” –Tamara

“Still have him! “Bunny” – he is about 56 years old…” –Pamela

“One of mybest Christmas presents ever.” –Richard



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