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Photo Round-Up: Some Of Our Favorite Rocking Chairs!


Ah, the rocking chair. It seems like growing up, everyone had a rocker in their homes. These distinctly American pieces come in a variety of styles, and are a great item to collect. Though the history of rocking chairs is somewhat murky — Benjamin Franklin is often credited with the invention of the rocker, though early cradles suggest rockers could originate as far back as 1710 — one thing is certain: rockers are beautiful! Check out some of our favorite, user-submitted rockers in the photos below!

from: David Pickel: “purchased this rocker at an auction. can anyone tell me anything about it. referred to it as a “Gentleman’s Chair””

from: Pamela Bolen Ketring: “Was wondering about the age of this rocker? The brace on the back has a ball at the bottom of it. Thanks!”

from: Lynn Von Waldner Freer: “I have owned this rocker for over 40 years. Given to me by my step mother. I would love some info on this chair.Lynjo1914@aol.comFacebook Lynn Von Waldner Freer——————————————————————————–From: LynJo1914@aol.comSubj: Antique Rocking Chair”

from: Rose Whalen: “A rocker recliner dated 1885 I just reupholstered “

from: Barb Graves: “Barb Graves. I received this doll rocker over 60 years ago from an elderly lady who had received it as a child. There are no marks on it and I did have the seat recaned. It is 17″ tall and in very good condition. I would love to know more about it, any help would be greatly appreciated!”

from: Rick McNeill: “Antique is all I know about this Rocker…does anyone have ideas on style or true age?”

from: Gerri McGregor: “could anyone tell me how old this rocker would be and how much would it be worth????”

from: Rick McNeill: “I800s victorian spring rocker. .I am surrounding myself with things from this era..I have weird luck in finding the things!!”

from: Pat Morrell Brookins: “My elderly parents inherited this beautiful rocker years ago and I”m trying to research its make & origins for them. Google has been no help. The seat has been recovered but the finish is original. “

from: Rick McNeill: “I recently found this 1800s victorian Eastlake platform rocker with needlepoint panels..”



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