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Mad About Mirrors – A History Of Antique Mirrors, And Some Of Our Favorites


While the concept of mirrors go back to as early as the Roman times, mirrors as we know them date back to around the 14th century.Get a brief history of mirrors in the video below from Value My Stuff, and learn how to use the pen test to see if your mirror is antique or not (although it’s best to consult a professional if you’re not sure).

Check out some of our favorite, user-submitted mirror photos below!

from: Christy Lay Brown: “Would anyone know if this mirror is antique. If so its origin and how old it could be?”

from: Alexandrine Duteil Stebach: “My old mirror and a little part of my old plates collection!!! ;)”

from: Coralie A Dorsam: “Brass vanity swivel mirror with cherub another of yesterdays find”

from: Kar Yang: “This piece of a mirror is beautiful. I don’t know if it’s an antique or what. 🙂 it seems like a wedgwood, i really don’t have any clue. does any of you know?”

from: Manon Lajoie: “Hi folks, I cannot beleive what I just found at a garage sale…I’m in LOOOOOVE! would need your help to find out dÈtails about this wonderful piece, it has glass flowers all around and in the back of the mirror ther is ‡ round fluorescent tube wich can be lighted by pulling a small chain. in all my years of collecting, I never saw anything like it. Cannot wait to see the comments! thank you Folks, Manon, Ottawa Canada.”

from: Lanelle Witt: “2 handheld mirrors . Think they are both bakelite”

Do you own an antique mirror? We’d love to see it!



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