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Flowers and Freedom: April 22


It’s Spring. We’ve broken free from the grasp of Old Man Winter…at least those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. Flowers are blooming and many of us are enjoying them inside in antique and vintage vases or in old bottles or maybe even old Mason jars. Flowers, too, in paintings or antique needlework bring joy. There’s something about them that say “new life” and “freedom”.

We were struck recently by an antique or vintage work of floral crewel embroidery posted by one of our readers. The caption read that her Grandmother brought it with her when she fled Czechoslovakia. We’re not sure if that was before or during WWII or in the Prague Spring of 1968 earlier. What is evident, however, is that a 15 year old girl who probably couldn’t carry much with her, chose a work of art with flowers surrounding a peacock. We are surrounding it with flowers.

Our thanks go to Whitney, Marianne and Rici for sharing their love of antiques…and flowers and all that they symbolize.

from: Whitney Lee Hedrick: “Roses from my yard in vintage amethyst glass urns!”

Whitney’s loving cups (or urns or vases) look to be black amethyst glass…always elegant. The glass looks black until it is held to the light when the purple shows through. The glass was very popular during the Victorian period, and after the American Civil War. It picked up the complexity of a society with much mourning, but yet hope. It’s so wonderful to have a matched pair! The roses are beautiful, too!

from: Marianne Bazany Jockwig: “This piece (minus the frame) was brought to the US by my paternal Grandmother when she fled Czechoslovakia at age 15.”

from: Rici Guild: “I love old bottles and crates. And adding some spring flowers brings them back to life.”

Love it! The spring daffodils are proud, the blue glass catches the light, the weathered metal of the crate frames the whole.



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