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Can You Help Identify? March 28


One of the nice things about the online Dusty Old Thing community is that we try to share information as well as our enjoyment of antiques and the stories that go with them. People sometimes post photos of antiques, or vintage items, they’ve inherited or purchased and ask the community for help in identifying them, their age or maker. We have so many followers with such a wide variety of expertise. Besides, it’s fun. So, here we go…. See if you can help…

from Kim Allen Liebsch: “I bought this chair in a junk/ Antique shop for my granddaughters room with the idea to paint it to match her dÈcor. I’m having second thoughts about painting because it is so unusual could anyone tell me if it’s worth anything and who made it?”

First of all we’re very glad that Kim is having second thoughts about painting this beautiful antique ballroom chair. As we all know from Roadshow, changing the original finish has the acceptance level of, well, rooting for Duke in Kentucky.

But we have to say we are fascinated by Kim’s chair and would like to echo her request for ideas about a possible maker. Some similar chairs are called “Napoleon III”, which doesn’t mean it’s actually French. The legs and spindle back share similarities with the famous ballroom chairs made by the Tell City Chair Company for the White House during the Kennedy administration, but this chair is clearly older and more elaborate. So readers, can anyone tell what company might have made it and where? It’s one of the prettiest ballroom chairs we’ve ever seen.

from: Barbara Meyer: “Was left this ink well and stamp holder as part of an estate some years back and just getting around to unpacking it! Wondering about the age and such…no markings. “

from: Ann Lawrence: “Belleek china basket. It dates to early 1900’s. Beautiful flower detail. I have never found any information on this piece. About 8″ w by 5 1/2″ high.”

from: Kathy Brouillette Wenz: “We picked this up in Missouri. North Pole ice box. Galvanized boxes neatly fill the interior. I will do a second post of the interior. Looking for more information on age of the item.”

Kathy also shared a photo of the interior.

from: Beverly Roberts: “Can someone tell me a little about this old wood stove? The name on the back is Cornell Circulator # W 414 DF.”



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