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7 Everyday Items From Our Past… Can You Identify Them All?


One of the great things about antiques is that they help us realize just how much some things have changed. Some everyday-items from the past have become completely irrelevant, while others have changed dramatically. Below we’ve found 7 everyday-items that have either gone the way of the dodo or have drastically changed since their heyday. Scroll down to see number one, then click the next button to find the answer. See how many you can correctly identify, and leave your score in the comments below!

We’ll start off with an easier one. This was a necessity for those early mornings. Any guesses? Scroll down to see the answer!

If you guessed coffee grinder, you’re correct! Back before you could find a Starbucks on every corner, coffee beans were sold whole, and you’d have to hand crank them before you could make your morning cup of joe. I don’t think I could handle that much activity before my first cup of coffee.

From: Queensland Museum Talks Science / Paul Brandon

Here’s one that many of us still use, but they sure have changed! One of the more divisive of the household chores, we can’t imagine having to lug this thing around. Click the next page button to see the answer!



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