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10 Great Finds From The Ground! Metal Detector Treasures


We recently featured a video about great metal detector finds (if you missed it, click here to watch), and asked our readers if they’ve ever had any luck with a metal detector. We were blown away by some of the items found, and just had to share them! Take a look, and don’t forget to upload any photos you’d like featured on the site while you’re here!

“We assume its a cannon ball. Found in the creek near our home. We plan on taking it to a local military fort museum to let them determine age and make sure it’s a cannon ball and not some sort of counter weight etc.” –Terry

“Metal detector paid in full with this one! Great hobby if your patient and respect all areas that you hunt. Been doing it for over 25 years and its amazing what people have dropped or lost over the past 150 years waiting to be found.” – Ray


“Full set of horse bells in a field where the owner told us there had been a store a long time ago. Other than these, mainly square nails and such.” –Bev

“My most unusual find.” –Lisa

From Mathieu

“US Belt Plate Battle of Jackson.” – Steve

“Mississippi Militia Infantry button.” –Steve

“1810 1/4 Real – Mexico City Mint Mark.” –Steve

“My high school class ring was found 42 years after it was lost, and a few months before the school became a middle school and would be impossible to find me…with a metal detector. I am so pleased to have it back!” – Cheryl



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