Would you act if you see a suffering animal?

A stray dog was suffering after some people thought it would be funny to put an enormous heavy chain on a pit bulls’d neck.

Robert Riojas, from Oklahoma City recieved a call telling him that somebody had been on his front lawn. When he drove there to check he was surprised by what he saw. A stray dog with a 30 pound chain padlocked around the dog’s neck.

Robert told KFOR:
“It’s huge,” “It was so aggressively tight on this dog that it had been digging into her skin.” “I don’t see how anyone are often that cruel, that inhumane, that cold heartedness.”

“She was amazing,” Robert said. “Everyone that was walking in, she was licking on them, getting on the brink of them, being friendly.”

Unfortunately Robert couldn’t take care of the dog but he surely  reached bent Oklahoma state representative Mickey Dollens with the story, and therefore the politician was equally surprised there was no such law: “I was very surprised and alarmed to seek out how few laws there are on the books that address animal cruelty in Oklahoma,” he told KFOR.

Dollens reported : There’s no law on the books that says you can’t chain a dog up without a collar, proper tether, and that’s something that we would like to deal with .”

Chaining up dogs is a very torturing action that can lead to suffocations. People should stop doing those kind of things.