True love never both and be together as always in heaven. 

When Daniel Hove was [dia.gnosed with panc.reatic ca.ncer], family and friends rallied to help the Air Force veteran-turned-assistant fire chief navigate this “diff.icult” time.
But nobody was more supportive than Daniel’s loyal dog, Gunner, an 11-year-old lab who rarely left his owner’s side.
No matter what happened, Gunner made sure he was never more than a few inches away.

Daniel’s daughter, Heather Nicoletti told: They were best buddies till the end, They were hunting buddies, they went everywhere together.
So nobody was surprised, really, that when Daniel lay lying, his loyal dog suddenly “fe.ll i.ll”, too.

A Veteran And His Loyal Dog Died Within Hours Of Each Other - Cesar's Way

One day, as the old dog grew increasingly listless and his arms started swe.lling, Heather knew it was time, sa.dly, to put Gunner down. “I called the vet clinic I used to work at, they got me in right away and I rushed him up there, put him to sleep. And about an hour and a half later, my dad was gone too.”

Very hea.rtbr.eaking but to be with your best buddy till the end is so peaceful and may the forever R.I.P.🌈🙏💕

But as as she was about her father — a loving parent. Such a separation would have been equally “harr.owing” for Gunner, who could never bear to be far away from his best human friend.

Veteran and His Loyal Dog Pass Away Within Hours Of Each Other | FamilyPet

So sa.d, but oddly beautiful, going together like they did, gunner would be waiting for his dad over the rainbow bridge. True love between owner and fur baby. 💕💕🐾

How beautiful that they both loved each other and parted this life within a short time together. Very sad for the family and We send condolences to you all for your