The wσrst case σf matted fur! He was fσuпd uпderпeath a bush, dirty scared σf everyσпe & everythiп


Parker was found underneath a bush, dirty, matted and unsocialized. Parker was scared of everyone and everything. He did not know how to play, who to trust and had behavioral issues. From the beginning, we said Parker can only be placed with an experienced owner, a person who can learn his ways, a person who was willing to work with him, someone who could give Parker love he probably has never experienced in his short life. Parker is currently in a home environment with his foster dad, Karl, and he is doing great! He is still afraid of inanimate objects, like scissors, a broom or other things he may perceive as a weapon against him. Parker has overcome a lot in this last couple of months and we are happy he is doing so well! Patience, love and understanding are crucial in turning a frightened, confused, lacking confidence rescued pup into a pup who can trust again and let go the fears! ..