In Syracuse, New York, a dog named Jada had spent 9 hellish years in a crate in the basement of a home. She had become an emaciated dog with scars of torture all over her diseased skin by the time cops discovered her. The police also found Jada’s sickly puppy in the basement and rescued the pair from their miserable existence immediately.

Things did not appear to be getting better for Jada. The dog had only just mended from her injuries after the veterinarian discovered something alarming in her medical documents. The entire rescue crew was shocked to learn that Jada had a virulent form of cancer with metastasized (spread) to her lungs and was progressively killing her.

Jada received a cancer diagnosis at the worst possible time. However, veterinarian personnel and HumaneCNY shelter workers banded together to transform this terrible news into something meaningful. They developed an emotional bucket list for Jada and committed to assisting her in completing the remainder of her days by checking off the items on her treasured list.

Jada’s compelling narrative touched the hearts of the community after she set out to complete her bucket list. Soon, hundreds of people joined forces to assist her in completing her bucket list, as this sick dog received an outpouring of generosity from animal lovers all around the world!

Jada’s strength gradually dissipated as she completed each item on her bucket list. She spent the last days of her life being pampered by loving family members, and it revealed her shattered heart in a unique light. One afternoon, surrounded by people who cared for her, Jada passed away peacefully.

ada’s passing left the entire community mourning her loss, but we are sure she is smiling down at everyone from the Rainbow Bridge. She bravely defeated her pain and immortalized her journey with love and purpose. We will always remember Jada as the celebrated crusader for abused and voiceless animals.

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