In a needy community, townspeople are already preoccupied with their most basic requirements. Strays are unfortunately part of this cycle. They’re all too common to see. It’s not unusual to observe individuals who don’t have much money but still do everything they can to feed these innocent creatures. A lonely puppy was in dire need of assistance.

At the same time, Animal Aid rushed to the scene and discovered him collapsed in a back alley. His poor face was puffy and covered with blood. What happened to this poor puppy? Despite his tremendous discomfort, the puppy wagged his tail as he greeted his new human friends calmly.

One of the rescuers picks up the puppy and carries him to his car. They go over to the Animal Aid sanctuary so he can get treatment. They examine him, discovering that an infection has caused fluid to accumulate beneath his skin, resulting in his little face being swollen. This is why his tiny face is so puffy.’

When they wipe his face clean, they see that the underlying problem was only a little cut. This indicates that infection is possible even if an animal isn’t kept clean and under observation. But it’s all right now. The volunteers are going to ensure that he gets better.