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Pet scared of fireworks: learn how to calm him down!

The end of the year is a time of joy and celebration, however, this is for humans, who for the most part, are not frightened by the sounds of fireworks. Knowing how to calm a dog or cat who is afraid of fireworks is essential to avoid accidents at these times. 

December festivities are not the only time of the year that pets suffer from fireworks , as in mid-year parties and football game days, for example, pets also suffer from fear of shrill sounds. To help you in the mission to calm your pet , understand everything about the topic here. 

Why are pets afraid of fireworks?

There are three main reasons why fireworks are an animal’s nightmare:

  1. Hearing sharp
  2. Light effects can mess up pets’ vision
  3. Some breeds are more likely to be more fearful

The first reason is the keen hearing: while we humans hear up to 20,000Hz, dogs hear up to 40,000 hertz. In other words, what is a mere noise for us, becomes a bang for the dogs. And what about cats, who listen up to 65,000Hz! That is, the bang is even louder , which makes these pets too scared by fireworks and fireworks. 

When listening to such loud sounds, even more of fireworks and fireworks, the pets instinct goes into action to escape possible threats. The loud noise for dogs and cats can refer to dangerous situations , as in nature, making the pet feel that there is some disaster coming, and to survive it needs to flee the place. 

The second reason that can scare pets is the strong lights and glow that fireworks have , which make the animal’s vision messy, which makes the situation even worse. 

The third reason, this one varies, is that some pets are predisposed to be more fearful , causing them, for genetic reasons, to be more afraid of noises, such as fireworks. Some examples of dog breeds that tend to be more fearful.


Dangers of fireworks for pets

As we have seen, the sounds of fireworks bring danger to pets, who end up trying to escape, in many cases, from their homes. However, the escape, which in itself causes problems, is not the only complication. 

In cats, the fear of fireworks is easily noticed, as the felines begin to meow loudly and frequently, often with their little ears back, trying to flee the place or trying to hide. 

The desperate search for a hiding place can end up in serious injuries, as the cat or dog (since dogs also tend to want to run away) can get hurt on gates and windows, for example. 

The danger extends if the pet has access to the street, as it runs great risks of being run over. At this time, avoid at all costs that your four-legged child has access to the outside of the house. 

Another danger is that dogs and cats can damage their hearing and suffer from episodes of diarrhea and vomiting, due to the elevation of body temperature. In some cases, pets with pre-existing conditions can have cardiorespiratory fatigue, seizures and even die of heart failure.

In the case of birds, flight is also an attempt to save themselves from “danger”. With this, the birds fly in any direction , fleeing, and often end up crashing into obstacles and dying. In these situations, wild birds also end up fleeing their own nests. 

Domestic birds, which are usually in their aviaries sleeping on the nights and days of celebrations, end up scared and desperately struggling with the loud sounds. This reaction to noises can lead to serious injuries such as bleeding, bruising and fractures. 

How to calm a pet afraid of fireworks?

It’s important to prepare the environment so that pets can’t escape when a loud sound is heard, such as fireworks, since escaping is one of the main actions that they take.

  • For cat owners, make sure your house is screened: regardless of whether it’s the end of the year or not, windows should always be screened in houses where there is an escape route;
  • Close windows and doors, in addition to helping to prevent leaks, it also muffles the loud sound of fireworks and fireworks;
  • Leave your pet with an identification collar , because if by chance, unfortunately, he ends up running away, if anyone finds him, he will know how to contact the tutor. Make sure the collar is made with quality material and is adjusted to the size of your pet, 

How to calm a pet before the fireworks ?

If the animal is a puppy, it is best to get him used to it from an early age and gradually to deal with situations like this, so that at times like the end of the year fireworks, he doesn’t feel a “shock” with so many noises. The recommendations for getting a puppy used to it are the same as for an adult pet , however, in the case of adults, it takes longer to make them more comfortable with the situation. 

To accustom the animal to loud sounds, it is recommended that you leave music on in the environment where the pet is or even the sounds of fireworks, fireworks, thunder, and gradually increase as the pet accepts.

To make the moment less scary and more pleasant, the ideal is to act naturally, always with positive expressions, offering cookies and playing with pet with their favorite toys. This goes for fireworks day as well.


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