Pekingese are small dogs with great temperaments. Their fluffy, soft hair and small size may suggest that they are an animal made for cuddling. Nothing could be more wrong, he doesn’t like excessive caresses. The Pekingese is very independent, fearless and proud. He is an eternal individualist – he tolerates loneliness well. Despite everything, she can become attached to her guardian and create a special bond with him. 

Pekingese – description and history of the breed

Pekingese is a dog with Asian roots. Most likely, he was transferred from Tibet to China. Around 1300, he was only found in the imperial palace. No other animal was allowed to associate with him. No one except the emperor could take possession of it. Once upon a time, these dogs were worshiped, but today they also find a large group of lovers. They are rather friendly towards people, but do not like to obey orders. They prefer to walk their own paths. They are not physically active animals. They prefer to lie on the couch from long walks. They will be the perfect companions for people who like to spend long autumn evenings sipping tea and sitting under a blanket.

Pekinese dogs are relatively small dogs, but their hair is long and requires proper care. It is important to remember that this breed is prone to various diseases (including eyeball prolapse), so we need to monitor the health of our pets. Although purebred Pekingese are not the cheapest, it is worth buying them from reliable sources. Owning a dog is associated not only with pleasures, but also with obligations that the guardian must fulfill.

Pekingese – appearance

Adult Pekingese typically reach about 20 cm at the withers. There are no strict size standards for these dogs. The maximum weight that a male should reach is 5 kg, while in the case of bitches it is 5.5 kg.

Dogs of this breed are small but quite squat – they have thick bones and short body. They also have a large head and a wide skull with a clearly marked stop. Their nose is small, but their eyes are large and protruding. The tail of these dogs is set high, close to the side. They also have short limbs and flat feet.

Pekingese are characterized by long, thick hair and a thick undercoat. In this case, we can come across different types of color (except albino white and liver).

It is interesting that these dogs, despite their stature, walk fairly quickly and vigorously. You can say that they even roll on the ground.

Pekingese – nature

Pekingese have certain characteristics in common with cats; they are very stubborn and independent. They don’t like to obey commands, they go their own way. They are faithful only to their guardian – they often show reluctance to strangers. It’s not easy to earn their trust, but it’s definitely worth it. These dogs are very brave and brave, they are able to defend the owner. They allow them to stroke and caress when they feel like it – they cannot be forced to do anything.

Pekingese are not recommended for people with children as they hate noise. These distinguished dogs value peace and quiet. The elderly will find a good friend in it, because it does not require a lot of exercises. Dogs of this breed are lazy by nature, sport is definitely not their domain. They like to spend whole days lounging in an armchair in a warm apartment. Pekingese is perfect for people who spend half a day away from home.  Rather, they are not animals that will find themselves in the yard – they are householders who will enjoy even a cramped apartment in a block of flats.

Pekingese – breeding

The price of a Pekingese ranges from PLN 1,000 to even PLN 5,000 thousand. It all depends on the breeding, sex, age, and also the color of the animal. Of course, in this case it is about buying a pedigree dog. So how much is a Pekingese without a pedigree? More or less from 300 to 500 zlotys. We must remember that not every dog ​​without a pedigree comes from a pseudo-kennel. There are many pseudo-breeders on the market who offer Pekingese at attractive prices. Unfortunately, such animals are often burdened with serious genetic diseases and do not live to a very old age. Before buying, we should visit a given farm even several times. Thanks to this, we will be able to see how the puppies behave and whether they are provided with good conditions. When a breeder wants to sell us a Pekingese miniature, we should be vigilant. Miniatures of this breed are not officially registered.

We can choose kennels registered in the Polish Kennel Club or purchase a Pekingese from a person who has healthy, purebred puppies and does not want to keep them, but only resell them in order to obtain a refund of the costs of maintaining a pregnant bitch. Such dogs may deviate from the established pattern. People dealing with breeding Pekingese are required to issue a birth certificate, a pedigree document, such a document is a confirmation of the pure breed of the dog. In addition, we will be sure that they are reproduced in humane conditions. Professionals have the appropriate knowledge about their upbringing and will certainly answer any bothering questions about diseases, behavior and habits of these dogs.

Searching shelters is a good alternative. Many dogs are looking for a warm home and loving caregivers who will provide them with decent conditions. If we decide to accept a Pekingese in our home, we do not have to buy it right away – it is worth checking the local shelters. Perhaps our future faithful friend is waiting there.