Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Never Be Lσved Theп Be Kicƙed Out As Be Tσσ Ugly Wheп Lσst Mσst Of His Fur!


Look at him you can definitely see the nervousness and fear in his eyes…

He is tiny scared of everyone. we don’t know what happened with him in the past to form his like his fur had fallen off so much that it was not enough to warm his body in the cold.

The kid is now in the clinic for checking …He was examined by a dermatologist, result in alopecia…a recommendation was given to castrate if it does not help, then he need to inject melatonin. According to other examinations, the baby is healthy !

We will vaccinate him soon, because our priority is to protect him from viruses possibly due to his ugly appearance , he was abandoned by his owner in the cold  but with us, every creature is beautiful and deserved to be loved.He is very active cheerful, we are so happy to have him in our house.

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