Salvatore was undeterred despite the fact that no one had entered the Florida property in weeks. Every day, the dog sat quietly outside the door, guarding the foreclosed house and hoping his family would return, writes embounce

When Gloria Cabal, a local dog rescuer, observed Salvatore at his position, she knew she had to assist.

Cabal tried for almost a month to persuade Salvatore over to her with water, food, and treats, but the frightened youngster refused to give up his yard.

When a new realtor pushed Salvatore into a neighboring park, he realized his family wasn’t coming back. Savaltore approached Cabal and allowed her to transport him to the Everglades Angels Dog Rescue.

Denise Guevara, an Everglades Angels staff member, told The Dodo, “He was very protective of his yard.” “He was basically guarding his stuff, but not angrily or viciously.”
Salvatore instantly warmed up to the pleasant staff after being saved. Employees at Everglades Angels were devastated that the dog, who clearly liked people, had been abandoned.

“He’s a volunteer favorite,” added Guevara. “From what we could tell, he grew up in a family.”

Salvatore, who earlier refused to approach strangers, became one of the shelter’s cutest members, often begging for pets and leaping up on the sofa to cuddle on people’s laps.

“He’s a total darling,” Guevara remarked.

Salvatore is now available for adoption through Everglades Angels, and staff members are certain that he will find a loving home soon.

Salvatore will have a second shot with a family that will never abandon him, thanks to so many compassionate animal lovers who refused to give up.