This helpless Husky is puting so much effort waging his tail and smiling so people will notice him and give him some help..

This sweet Husky was found abandoned and extremely injured! Someone had harmed him and futher tortured him by cutting his ear also.

How can somebody do something so brutal to him? Even though he was in pain still did everything he could so the rescuers who approached him, help him!

The rescuers took him immediately to a vet. Everybody was suprised of this traumatized Husky’s friendly reaction. Despite the fact that he had been through so many bad stuff and pain he was still able to make everyone adore him. It’s really sad thinking that we humans are able to hurt those unprotected creatures. At the very end they just want to be our friends and companions..

At the vet hospital they examed him the best way possible and they came to the conclusion that he wasn’t only injured but also severely malnourished.  He was also given pain medication and antibiotics.

The next step was to bandage his ear up and put him on a course of treatment for his legs.

Our little here is each day healing and becoming stronger! He is still fighting to walk and run again how he used to but i’m sure he soon will!

Finally a loving foster mom adopt him and is taking care of him. It’s really nice to see him happy again!