It’s time to learn how to teach dogs to relieve themselves in the right place! The theme is a challenge for many tutors, but the first big tip we give is: be patient. A pet is not born knowing how to use a hygienic mat or a hygienic toilet.

Find out what you should do to teach your friend where to pee and poop , as well as products that make learning easier.

Is there a way to teach a dog to relieve itself in the right place?

Yes, your friend is more than capable of learning the correct place to relieve himself. And the opposite is also true, that is, if he has not learned, he probably considers any place the right place . Whether peeing or pooping, the pet’s goal is one: to relieve your discomfort. That’s why he’ll look for a corner away from the food and that’s it.

Dogs are hygienic animals with an incredible sense of smell. So, you can see, they never relieve themselves near food and water, just far away. What’s more, they usually return to the same place when they smell the urea.

How to teach a puppy to use a toilet mat?

Because of their age, puppies have an accelerated metabolism, and that’s why they pee and poop right after waking up or after meals , with a space of 5 to 15 minutes after finishing the food. So always be close to him when you feed him. And most important of all, spread toilet mat around the region .

You know the dog is ready for a pee when he starts sniffing and walking around in circles .

While learning how to teach a puppy to relieve itself in the right place, every time the pet gets it right, celebrate ! It’s time to party, congratulate the animal and cuddle.

How to use the health educator?

If you’re looking for how to teach your dog to relieve themselves in the right place, educators are your go-to trainers. This means that it will awaken the pet’s desire to use the place where it was applied.

The spray format is the most common, and to use it, just spray it on the toilet mat or inside the toilet. Lastly, whenever the pet finishes feeding or at the moment it drinks water, take it close to the correct area.

Discover the Sanitary Repellent for Dogs

You can also use other products to help your pet relieve itself in the right place. One of them is sanitary repellent . The item basically works by pushing the pet away from the wrong places with an unpleasant smell to it.

Tips on how to teach a dog to relieve itself in the right place

Whether for a puppy or adult dog, no matter how much you use products in your favor, tips are always welcome. So, here are some cool instructions and attitudes to put into practice.

Location of mat or toilet

First of all, the space must be away from his food, after all, it’s not hygienic. The recommendation is to restrict the environment, the best being the laundry room, backyard or a secluded and quiet place.

Patience during the process

Also, be patient! A pet takes about 2 weeks of constant training to learn a new habit.

Your dog won’t suddenly find out that to relieve himself in the right place is to use the rug or the toilet. He can get it right one time and miss another. Regardless, he doesn’t scold and always rewards him when he does it right.

The owner can take advantage of this in the process of figuring out how to get the dog to relieve itself in the right place.

Bet on rewards

We discussed in the text that dogs learn more when we reward their right attitudes than when we punish their wrong actions. Being rewarded is more effective than being scolded with us humans!

Animals like attention as part of their reward. Consequently, scoldings and the tutor’s dedication to cleaning up his mess can be seen as forms of attention and rewards.

However, to be effective, it is important to have patience and dedicate yourself to repeating it over and over again. Some dogs learn faster and others take a little longer, but by following these tips your pet will learn how to relieve itself in the right place.